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"The Breaking" has been published as the first of three books in the "From the Ends of the Earth" trilogy.  They are prophetic novels set initially in Australia and New Zealand, and they envision events that take place on a global scale that shape and precipitate the return of Jesus Christ the Messiah.

The story line recognises the reality of the spirit realm, and its overlay to the natural world.  It features angels and demons, spiritual creatures, objects, locations, and dimensions. 


It also recognises that humans are spiritual beings created in the image of Creator God, and who have spiritual identity and the ability to spiritually perceive.

To read "The Breaking" ... Chapter 1 "The Accord" ... click here

Book One: "The Breaking"


Book Two: "The Wave"

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The second book “The Wave” is currently being written, and tells the story of how these revivals spread from ‘The Ends of the Earth’ around the world in two sweeping arms; One arm sweeps up into and throughout Asia as the Great Westward Wave of the Holy Spirit, and the other arm sweeps over to South America and then North America, before splitting to Africa and Europe as the Great Eastern Wave of the Holy Spirit.


Book Three: "The Return"

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Book three “The Return” will continue the story, and will conclude  as these two great waves converge on Israel and Jerusalem at a time in which the world is convulsing in turmoil with the rule of the Antichrist and the saints await the return of the Messiah.

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